Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I did it.

I got the spray tan. I'm slightly splotchy, have a big poop-colored stain on the outside edge of my right palm, and have a very dark patch that makes the shadow between my cleavage look dirty, but I'm tan. I have a tan butt. That's very interesting to me. I have never seen my ass anything but a white to bright and pristine it was virtually pearly. Bad news is it only lasts about 7 days, so I have to keep redoing it. So they say. I'm lazy and broke most of the time, so I'm only doing this for special occasions.

Romantic Times Booklovers Con will be one of those special times. You betcha I'll be there, and be tan!

I'm going to be pitching Winterborn with a passion. I hope to get there and be able to sign up for an appointment with MElissa Ann Singer of Tor, because she's looking for horror and her schedule for Friday is open. I think I'm going to fire off a query to her ahead of time.

I'm sitting at Panera BRead watching this woman cut up her salad. She's been cutting up this same salad for about ten minutes now. She has completely shredded it. I wonder why? Another woman just walked by on wedge heels so high she wobbled when she walked. Why? You KNOW it's uncomfortable.

I'm almost done with my research paper for english class. I'm doing it on modern feminism and the nbegative influence of gynocentric or militant feminism on the movement as a whole. Yeah, lemme tell ya, it's a lot harder than it seems!

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