Thursday, July 1, 2010

my favorite part of Eclipse

My favorite part of Eclipse: After the vampire battle, when the Volturi are coming through the woods, the TArdis lands right between the two groups of vampires, and Doctor Who comes out and reveals that they really aren't vampires, just a misunderstood alien race from another dimension, and then Amy Pond runs out of the Tardis and a newborn vampire bites her, and the Doctor had to find a way to cure her, but the only way to do that was for Edward to suck out the venom, but Edward was stuck in one of his awkward-pause speech loops and the Doctor realized that Edward is actually a robot, so the Doctor had to invent a machine that would do it. He saved Amy and offered to take the vampires back to their own planet, but they refused because they like ruling the world and enslaving humanity. The Cullens, being wimpy and all, decided they liked the idea, but when they tried to go inside the TARDIS, the Volturi shot lasers out of their eyes and blew them all up. They tried to shoot the Doctor and Amy, but he was able to reconfigure the sonic screwdriver to reflect back the eye-lasers and they blew themselves up.

oh...wait...that didn't really happen. I sort of blanked about about halfway through the movie and started making stuff up... LOL

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