Friday, October 10, 2008

Black House by King/Straub

I'm trying so hard to find things to do that don't involve some really complicated homework!!

I just finished Black House. This is an awesome book, despite the LOOONNNGG boring first part. I love it when King revisits his Dark Tower world. I loved the short story in the Room 1408 compilation, about the Little Sisters. That sort of world really sparks my imagination and makes me want to write more dark fantasy. I delved into this genre with Dark Consort, and I'd really love to write more of it. Who has time...Between the kids, the job, the art, college, and life in general, I barely have times to eat, sleep, and shower! I have way too many projects waiting in something similar to Purgatory.

Anyway, back to Black House. Apparently this book is related to The Talisman. I don't know...haven't rread that one yet! Planning on it though, definitely. I keep picking it up in Walmart and putting it back down.

I like Stephen King's dark fantasy stuff. These days, I like it a lot more than his horror. Sometimes his horror novels are sort of flat and formulaic. Even though the story is mostly well-told, it just doesn't grab you the way you want it to. I hate to say it, but his writing seems slightly dated sometimes. With the Dark Towers books, you can't help but get involved.

I'm choking on the too-strong scent of 'sex on the beach' wax buttons. (Ya know, the little parrafin and oil gizmos you toss into an oil burner or tart burner and heat up? They melt and smell real good!). So I'm going to blow out the tea lights and try to get the girls corralled into their bedroom, at least.

Then on to that blasted homework........

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