Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hey everybody!

How's it going? Good here. Sorry about the no posting...I started school and things have been innssssaaannneee! I'm only taking three classes, but one of those is an art class that takes up six hours a week. Doesn't seem like a lot until you're sitting on an art donkey with an artboard on your thighs for three hours a day, twice a week! It's a lot of fun, though. I've been posting my assignments to my deviantart account, so you can see my progress.

Winterborn came out in December, and literally the day after it went live, I got an email from an agent I forgot I'd queried, wanting to see a partial! So while it's for sale, the print release is on hold until I hear back from the agent. As much as I love WB and want to see it in print, having a chance to get my work in front of an agent is worth delaying the print, even if that means I won't have a new release with me at Romantic Times this year.

I just found out I'm going to be FEATURED in The Horror Zine in their May issue! I'm so excited. They've featured some kick-ass artists, and it's an honor to be up there with them! I have a new loosely-connected series that they'll post in their ezine-- you can get a sneak peak at it by checking out my dA gallery.

On the writing front. Wow. I had a short story I was fleshing out a little bit for TEase Publishing's Unseelie anthology. Laugh with me, now. The story began as an 8k word short. Now, it's stretched waaaaaay out to this 62k word and growing epic fantasy. *facepalm*

BUt I LOVE this story. It features two of my favorite characters, half-Seelie Kaeda, a feisty healer mage, and Ceron, the cold-hearted half-Unseelie king of a damned nation who manipulates her into coming to his castle. He claims her as his consort, and even though he's a total ass, she sees the beauty hidden behind the beast. Cast out by her own people--who change their mind when they realize she's nearly fae royalty, Kaeda searches for a purpose in life and finds it when she learns she can break the curse that binds Ceron and his dying lands.

I'm hoping to wrap that story up in time to pitch at RT this year. In addition to Dark Consort, I have another book, a contemporary inspirational women's fiction novel called 'Something Beautiful', about a quarter finished.

I keep telling myself I should write just one genre. I don't know though...I have so many stories to tell!!

All right, kids are home from their 'sperm donor's' house, so I'm out.

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