Thursday, June 5, 2008

I have issues....

I live in an apartment complex that is uber-strict about everything. I've had over a dozen eviction notices, from everything from making too much noise (which is reasonable) to 'littering' the top of my washer and dryer (that means I had ONE full bottle of detergent and one that still had enough for a load or two and a wad of dryer lint). Once I got one because at some point one of my kids put her hand on the wall and it left a mark like UNDER the banister downstairs and I'm 5'6, and just it was way below my line of sight.

Anyway, we had inspections today. I cleaned my apartment thoroughly and it's been a while. I'm a clutter bug and pack rat. If it's reusable in ANY way, I save it. Problem is, I run out of space to cram stuff, so baskets and cabinets and stuff overflow. I don't mind doing laundry, but I hate folding it, so it usually piles up on the couches (I have three of them crammed into a TINY 2 bedroom apartment). Well, last night I cleaned the apartment. I took out seven bags of stuff that I know I'll never use, even though it KILLEd me to throw out some of it because I just KNOW I can reuse it in someway LOL. I started going through the clothes--to just give you an idea of how long its been since I folded the piles of clothes in the bedroom, my seven year old has grown out of clothing I found LOL.

I cleaned off the counters of all the baskets and boxes and bowls and other things that its easy to toss stuff in. I emptied out cabinets that wouldn't shut. I even reorganized the pantry. My closet door will shut now. I tucked all thw wires to my computer set up back behind the desk and the table next to it.

I stacked up all my DVDs, books, CD's, and notes. I put all my art supplies in a basket.

I swept the carpets, then vacuumed them. I scrubbed the glass topped table top (a nightmare, really).

I scrubbed out the sink, the bathtubs (not a bad job, I do keep up with the basic housekeeping LOL), the toilets.

SO when I went to bed last night, I really didn't think about it. I got up, went to work, came home and nearly freaked out. My first thought was seriously, "Oh my gosh, somebody's been in my house."

Then I was like...ohhhhhhh. I did a really good job last night. LOL


Saroya said...

sounds like harrassment. I would never be allowed to live somewhere like that. I am WAY to noisy.


Just me! said...

its' govt' subsidized. So for the privilege of paying moderately low rent, they poke their noses into my biz a couple of times a month!

It was REALLY bad the first year or so I lived here. As they figure out you'r enot a nuisance neighbor or going to stiff them on rent, they start to leave you alone. This will be my fourth year here, so they don't bother me TOO much anymore.