Saturday, June 14, 2008

I win

The prize for stupidity. Now, on a grand scale of things, it's pretty low, but I've had myself worked up in a tizzy about it.

I use Netflix. I don't rent movies from a brick-and-mortar store very often. I used to work right next to a little independent place that supplied my demanding diet of gruesome indie and asian horror flicks, but when I left that job, I left that store behind. Sort of sad. I was really good friends with the people who owned it. They forgave my multitudinous (I don't think that's a word...) late fees and always held new releases for me that they knew I would like.

Anyway, some of my students' parents gave me Blockbuster gift cards. I have an account with them, but 2 years ago I ran it up to like $50 overdue. There's a BB next to where I work, so I went and checked on my account, which was fine (yay) and rented 5 movies. I had seven, but then I realized that I had six horror movies and I thought maybe it might look a little disturbing so I put two back and got a movie for the kids LOL.

Anyway, I checked out and saw where one was due back on Sunday, the rest on Saturday. I was like...whoa. Really quick turnaround. So today I was like stressing about how to justify a trip way out int he boondocks to the BB next to where I work. Gas is expensive, and as a principle I refuse to go anywhere near where I work on weekends LOL.

So I was just about to give up and accept the late fees with grace, and I looked at the reciept again.

One movie IS due tomorrow. The others are due...

NEXT Saturday.

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